Monday, October 6, 2008

New things!

Soo not much is new just a few fun little things.. Arbor is running around like the crazy little baby he is! I love to just sit and watch him play. He has started to pick up my cell phone and put it on the back of his head and say "Hi". It's adorable! He also likes to comb his own hair! He is getting so big!

We also got a new mattress! We bought our old mattress almost 5 years ago for 300 bucks.. It was in pretty bad shape. I love my new one. I sink into and sleep really good now! We also got new Bed Set. It's really pretty and I love it!

I finally got glasses. I am near sighted so driving and watching t.v. wasn't really fun because I had to squint to see! But I like them. I can finally see the speed limit signs! Ha ha good thing!


Kara said...

Super cuteness! I love the glasses!

The Johnsons said...

I think, as your big sis, I am suppose to call you a tweeb, but they are so cute, so I really can't.... I am jealous you got a new be spread, I have been wanting a new one and old man johnson keeps saying no!