Thursday, May 21, 2009

New things!

So I have never really liked the way my front room looked. It was so boring and messy and had no decorations! So Johnny let me redecorate! I love it now! We started off with getting an entertainment center made! My brother, Levi, is AMAZING! We told him what we wanted and he made it. It is SO nice and we love it. It is exactly what we wanted! If you are interested in having Levi make you anything click here and take a look. He is really talented!

So after we got the entertainment center Johnny decided to splurge and get me decorations for mothers day! He got me 2 Palms, candles and candle holders, 2 bakers racks and the sticks that go in scented oil. I am so spoiled! He also got me earrings and roses! :) He's good to me!

So then on Tuesday we got the best part of the whole room! A new sectional! I love it! It is cozy and looks nice. We also got a rug that pulls the whole room together! And on Saturday we are getting a new kitchen table! My house is really starting to look nice and I am ready to have my family come down so I can show it off!

In other news.. Arbor is so busy! He talks so much and is saying new words everyday! My favorite thing he says is love you. It sounds more like loves chew but it's adorable. He is also sleeping in his big boy bed now! I can't believe it! We set up his bed in his room and never forced him to sleep in it. We were just waiting for him to decide when he wanted to sleep in it. So last week I told him it was nap time and he ran in his room and hopped on his bed and had his nap there! I seriously wanted to cry! My baby is turning into a little boy! Last night was his first time sleeping through the night in it. I guess we can take down the crib now..

Johnny is still working hard. He has picked up alot of side work and is pretty busy. We love nursery even though I get frustrated with it at times. Arbor loves nursery too!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's been awhile!

I just had to put these pictures of Arbor up! They are adorable! We got all of the kids together for a quick photo shoot while we were in Orem for Easter. My sister in law Lyndsy took these and they are amazing! She did an awesome job! I think I will just go to her for pictures from now on!