Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One LONGGGGG post!

We had a good Christmas this year. We didn't go to my parents house like we usually do because Johnny hasn't had a Christmas with his family in over 5 years! So I gave him a turn! We stayed at our house and Johnny's Mom slept over. Arbor was really excited for his stocking and then once he opened his first present he just wanted to play with that and nothing else! Johnny was really good to me this year! I got a Zune and the whole collection of Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works! He spoils me! We got Arbor so many toys! His favorite is his Fisher Price Little People Farm Set. He plays with that all day long! And his Nana got him a Power Wheels! He is one spoiled kid! I got Johnny some wireless head phones and his World Of Warcraft game! ( He got me World of Warcraft too.. I just don't share it cause it means I am a nerd!) After getting dressed I started cooking! The whole cooking on Christmas in new to me because my Mommy always cooked on Christmas! I decided to just make snack foods.. Nothing to fancy. We made a turkey and some rolls and then a veggie tray, spinach dip, stuffed mushrooms and a salad. My sister in law and her family were supposed to some to my house but it was raining really bad that day and they decided not to come. Well after talking about it we decided to brave the weather and drive to Cedar City to see them. So we took all the food to her house. I am really glad we did. It's always nice to see family on Christmas.
So our Christmas day turned out awesome even though I missed my family like CRAZY!

In other news I have made some New Years resolutions that I am determined to keep! I am going to start saving money. I am horrible with money! I spend it like it grows on trees!

My biggest one though is that I am going to lose 150 lbs! I know I can do it! And I know it won't be easy due to the PCOS but I have to do it. Arbor needs a better example. So starting January 1st Johnny and I will no longer drink soda and no longer eat sugar! It will be tough but I think if we can just do it for a month it won't be so hard after that.
I also moved my Treadmill to the front room when I will walk a half hour in the morning and a half hour at night. I put it up front because I will use it there!
So by May I want to at least look decent in a swimming suit. And then by this time next year I want to be half of me! When I lose the weight I am going to get a boob job! I want to keep them in the D Cup range and have them lifted! And Johnny also promised to take me on a cruise if I get to my goal weight.
I am really looking forward to losing the weight and changing my life style. 2009 is going to be completly different for me and I can't wait!

Now for some pictures! The first one is Arbor in his Ball pit! We got him the ball pit awhile ago but it only came with like 10 balls so Santa brought him some more. Like 200 more! Only 100 would fit in his pit though. He loves it!

The next one is Arbor sitting on the presents on Christmas Eve! Funny baby!
And the last one is of me, lookin' sexy of course, with my Zune!

We had a great Holiday and hope everyone else did too!
I will keep you updated on my weight loss!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picture Tag!

This is a fun tag! Open the folder where you keep all your photos. Look at the 3rd folder and post the 3rd picture listed with out cropping or editing. Now explain the picture.

This is from 6 months ago.. Arbor was just being silly. I love his crooked smile!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it snow!

It has been snowing all day today! I love it! And Arbor loves it too! This is the first time he has been old enough to see the snow! It snowed last year but he was only 4 months old! He loves it! He picks it up and says "yummy"! It's pretty funny. I just can't believe it is snowing! It really makes it feel like the holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some super cute pictures!

So Arbor fell asleep in front of the tree last night and I thought I would take the opportunity to take some cute pictures! They are so cute! My sweet little boy looks adorable! What do you think?!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is SO cold!

So the wind here has been TERRIBLE! And it always blows crap into my front porch/entry way... It's really annoying. I guess that's why they call this place Hurricane! So today I decided that I was going to go out and sweep it and hang up some lights. It needed it. I still had a couple of pumpkins out there! So I started sweeping but it's still windy so I was getting nowhere! I swept up what I could and then hung up my lights. It looks WAY better! You can actually see my Welcome mat! Arbor was out there with me even though it was wicked cold. I just bundled him up and he went running aorund. The cold didn't even phase him! We put on his new mittens and his new beanie. He loved the mittens! It was pretty cute. So this is what he looked like after we came in. He didn't want to come in but it was just too cold to play outside! So there ya have it.. a post about wind and me sweeping! Exciting huh!? I just wanted an excuse to put up these pictures of Arbor in his mittens!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...

So we finally got our Christmas tree up! We bought a fake one because Johnny didn't want to scratch up the Scion by tying a tree to the top of it! I love it though! And Arbor loves it too! We put the bulbs only on the top half because of Mr. Grabby Hands! But just in case we got the shatter proof bulbs.. Now we just need some presents to put under it!
I also put up my Umberger blocks my sisters made for me Thanksgiving weekend! Thank you ladies! I love them! And they look so cute! I also put up some of our family pictures around my TV! My house looks so cozy now! Ha ha
And lastly I couldn't put a post up without pictures of my lovey! Arbor loves to sit on his dump truck and watch cartoons! He is so funny! OH funny story... The other day I was in my computer room working on my Giving Tree Ornaments (Which I did for my ward) and Arbor walked in with his shoes. He has learned to say shoes but it sounds more like shoeses.. it's cute.. he brings his shoes to me and says "shoeses" and I had no idea why he wanted them on but I put them on him anyways... Well a few minutes later it was quiet but I could hear kids outside playing so I went to see what Arbor was up to. It turns out Johnny had gone outside to talk to the neighbors and hadn't closed the door all the way and Arbor had been able to get the door open and wanted to go outside but not without his shoeses! He is so clever! He is only 1 and I don't have to tell him to put his shoes on before he goes outside! I love that kid!
So yeah.. All is good.. And Thanksgiving was AWESOME with my WHOLE family! I wanted to steal my twin nieces... They are adorable!

PS the last picture is of the ornaments I made for the giving tree for church... I made it in Photoshop and printed it up on glossy paper!