Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My kid is the next Piccaso!

Arbor loves to draw! We first discoverd this when we got him an Aquadoodle for Christmas. He playes with it for hours! He loves to just sit in his room and doodle something and say "wow"! So then for Valentines Day we got him some markers and crayons and sidewalk chalk. He loved the chalk and wanted to eat the crayons and all he wanted to do with the markers was take the lid off then put it bakc on.. at first.. Then he discoverd that you can draw all over your hands with markers.. Then he discovered you can draw all over your tummy with markers and your face too! Thank heavens we got the washable ones because he discovered yesterday that you can draw on the back of the couch and all over the glass door with markers too! Oh boy.. What a mess! I couldnt help but laugh because he was so proud of it! Well I threw his markers away... I just dont think he is old enough for them! Ha ha

In other exciting news Johnny and I have been called into the Nursery at church! I know I am probably the only person who is ok with going into Nursery but we can bring Arbor with us! So I am happy about it. We will see what it's like because I live on a gold course in Hurricane.. So needless to say the majority of my ward is old, retired people... So I dont know how many kids there will be in Nursery! This will be a good experience though and we are excited!