Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny story!

We have the type of fridge that has the water and ice maker in it. Well Arbor has just discovered how to use them! So when he finds a cup he runs to the fridge and fills it with water and he will drink it, dump it out or put his cars in it. Well the other night I didn't hear him get water. He was sitting in the computer room with me and I thought he was just playing with his toys until I heard splashing. So I turned around to look and he had a cup over water and was pouring it down his diaper because he had discovered that his diaper would absorb it! His diaper was so big that he couldn't even stand!! I couldn't help but laugh! I changed his diaper and took the water away and he just smiled and said "I'm funny"! The good news is that Huggies is VERY absorbent! Ha ha I love my Arbor buddy!


Lyndsy said...

ha ha ha! what a little stinker pants! very smart to figure out that diapers absorb water!!!

The Johnsons said...

that is so funny! Glad he wasn't wearing a cheap brand....that cold have been even funnier!

Jocelyn said...

how cute! I think Arbor totally looks like you!

nana rosie said...

HEE HE! My Arbor is sooooo clever & adorable!!!
How cute is that little BOY in that picture!
Is he allergic to hair cutting clippers?
J/K I think he would STILL look perfect & beautiful if his hair went down to his toes!
Nana loves that boy!