Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wanted to share this!

So living down in Southern Utah we are very lucky to live close to Zion and Kolob! The scenery here is amazing! We recently bought a new camera just so we could take some nice pictures of the beautiful scenery!

This is one of my favorite pictures. I took this awhile ago and I love it! I hope you like it too! This is in Zion canyon but on the way to Kolob reservoir.

Johnny has all of the pics on his computer so I will get some more up once I get them from his computer!


The Johnsons said...

To bad you guys aren't standing in the fore ground holding Arbors hands, wearing jeans. That would be a dang cute Christmas card!! Miss you! But I still think the picture is pretty!

nana rosie said...

SOOOO country! All you need is Johnny wearing overalls & holding a pitch fork & you in a full apron w/ a scoll on your face AND to make it EXTRA cute, Arbor holding out his arms to Nana!
Very cool picture! OR would that be.....very HOT picture!?
Love you,

Michelle said...

That is a great picture.

Jocelyn said...

What a fun place to live. I love southern Utah, maybe I should move there! Hope you have lots of fun!