Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...

So we finally got our Christmas tree up! We bought a fake one because Johnny didn't want to scratch up the Scion by tying a tree to the top of it! I love it though! And Arbor loves it too! We put the bulbs only on the top half because of Mr. Grabby Hands! But just in case we got the shatter proof bulbs.. Now we just need some presents to put under it!
I also put up my Umberger blocks my sisters made for me Thanksgiving weekend! Thank you ladies! I love them! And they look so cute! I also put up some of our family pictures around my TV! My house looks so cozy now! Ha ha
And lastly I couldn't put a post up without pictures of my lovey! Arbor loves to sit on his dump truck and watch cartoons! He is so funny! OH funny story... The other day I was in my computer room working on my Giving Tree Ornaments (Which I did for my ward) and Arbor walked in with his shoes. He has learned to say shoes but it sounds more like shoeses.. it's cute.. he brings his shoes to me and says "shoeses" and I had no idea why he wanted them on but I put them on him anyways... Well a few minutes later it was quiet but I could hear kids outside playing so I went to see what Arbor was up to. It turns out Johnny had gone outside to talk to the neighbors and hadn't closed the door all the way and Arbor had been able to get the door open and wanted to go outside but not without his shoeses! He is so clever! He is only 1 and I don't have to tell him to put his shoes on before he goes outside! I love that kid!
So yeah.. All is good.. And Thanksgiving was AWESOME with my WHOLE family! I wanted to steal my twin nieces... They are adorable!

PS the last picture is of the ornaments I made for the giving tree for church... I made it in Photoshop and printed it up on glossy paper!


Tippetts Family said...

your house looks awesome!!!!! i love your letter blocks! and your tag turned out adorable. i looove photoshop. what do you mean you arent creative???

The Johnsons said...

Oh look how cute Mr Grabby hands is. I have to post a pic of our tree, all the ornaments are on the bottom four branches, the opposite of your tree! I miss my Arbor bear! The tags are so cute!